An industry leader in campus advertising for over 14 years, C U Advertising is now working to increase your online presence to the corporate sector through our growing network of clients. C U Advertising brings an innovative approach to campus advertising. Our unparalleled professionalism and student-life inspired campaigns are redefining the landscape of campus advertising in Canada. We pride ourselves in being an independent media company composed of young, creative and passionate professionals excited about media and our ever-changing field. We love learning about new technology and platforms to communicate with today’s active student demographic whose lifestyle habits have changed. Our goal is to connect our clients with their ideal consumers through captivating and innovative campaigns adapted to today’s generational lifestyle habits.


These high quality publications commemorate the entire academic year, and are kept fondly by alumni for years. Advertisers that typically fill these pages are industry and educational leaders looking to brand or recruit the next generation of graduates.

Advertising in Yearbooks gives opportunity to:

1) Enhance brand awareness among a diverse, international community of students and alumni.
2) Establish corporate visibility as an employer of choice for the next generation of leaders.
3) Promote recognition of your products and services to an expanding market of affluent consumers.

The Yearbook is a proud tradition. Highly anticipated by current and graduating students each spring, it highlights the year’s activities and landmark events. It is a way to celebrate the graduates who will join an extensive, highly accomplished network of alumni in countries worldwide.

The yearbook is a perfect vehicle to convey your support to the skilled and talented graduates, while simultaneously positioning your company within the minds of a key demographic of young, educated, high-earning and motivated individuals.

Yearbooks enhance brand awareness among a diverse, international community of students and alumni.

We are proud to work with some of the best campuses in North America including:

• University of Alberta
• University of British Columbia
• University of Calgary
• Dalhousie University
• University of Guelph
• University of Manitoba
• McMaster University
• McGill University
• University of New Brunswick
• University of Ottawa
• University of Prince Edward Island
• Queen's University
• University of Saskatchewan
• St. Clair College
• University of Toronto
• University of Victoria
• University of Waterloo
• University of Western Ontario
• Windsor University
• York University

Handbook Agendas

In their hands every day, the handbook is a student’s constant companion throughout the academic year allowing academic organization and planning. Local businesses, industry recruiters and national brands place ads in these publications.

Handbooks are available to students at both the fall and winter orientations on campus, distributed directly to every student organization
at the beginning of their intake and available at the SA office. The handbook fuses important information on policies and services, details on networking/social opportunities and special student pricing deals with a day planner.

C U Advertising can target specific campuses, markets or regions. Some of our campuses include: Algoma University, SAIT, NAIT, University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Fleming College, Humber College, Seneca College, George Brown College, and Centennial College to name a few.

Why do students love the handbook so much? Several reasons: the handbook is a vital resource for students - it contains important information about student societies and services, housing, financial aid, and other important issues; the handbook also provides a useful day planner that includes all the academic calendar dates and deadlines as well as listings for hundreds of campus events. Each year, there is a special section for potential employers to advertise. This is your opportunity to showcase your company to students and graduates in the handbook.

With such high rates of pickup and usage, the student Agenda is absolutely one of the best way's for businesses and prospective employers to connect with students. Advertising your business in the handbook puts you in direct contact with the campus community inexpensively and effectively.

Handbooks serve as an important resource for students, highlighting a wide variety of topics including: :

• Student conduct standards, policies, and procedures
• Emergency Procedure Guide
• Housing and Dining Contract
• Student rights and responsibilities
• Residence Life Policies and Procedures
• Student Orientation
• Year at a glance calendar
• Career services
• Campus map
• Weekly planner
• Local and National advertising

Student Websites & Digital

One of the most important methods of communication between the faculty/student government and the student body is websites. The website is used to inform students of the many events and opportunities on campus. The Sponsorship Tab on the website is yet another valuable resource for students. It is kept up to date with information such as upcoming events, services and information about the school and much more. Some sites range from 3600 to over 140 000 unique visits per year.

Below are a few sites target to specific student sites: :

• University of Alberta Engineering Website:
• University of Calgary Engineering Website:
• Canadian Assoc. Pharmacy Students & Interns (CAPSI):
• McGill Dental Students’ Society:
• Ottawa Engineering Students' Society:
• University of Toronto Pharmacy Website:
• Osgoode Hall Law School Website:

C U Advertising can also help you target specific student societies, markets or regions. Specific programs include Pharmacy, Engineering, Medical, MBA, Commerce, Agriculture, Rehabilitation, Dental, Nursing, Health Sciences and Veterinary .

A few of our wonderful clients from various student websites.